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What Is A Consent Management Platform And How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

Updated: May 9, 2023

What Is A Consent Management Platform And How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

Cookies are a big part of the internet. They keep your browsing experience fast and seamless and are also a great way to track user behavior. But cookies have privacy implications, especially when used for marketing purposes. That's why you need a consent management platform (CMP).

A CMP is a specialized software or system that allows website visitors to see and consent to specific cookies when they arrive on your site. With so much of your business being run online, it's important to understand how CMPs work and why they're important for growing your business.

What Is A Consent Management Platform?

A consent management platform is an online tool that allows you to create and manage your company’s privacy policies and terms of service agreements and collect user consent in a single place.

This technology solution helps companies manage personal information collection, storage, and use. CMP cookie consent is designed to make it easier for businesses to collect consent from their customers, which is required under GDPR for any company that wants to process personal data.

Under GDPR, the data controller is responsible for ensuring that they have the consent of individuals whose data they process. A CMP consent tool helps businesses comply with this requirement by providing a single place to store all their customer and prospect records and ensure that they have obtained valid consent from each individual before processing any personal data.

How To Use A Consent Management Platform?

A CMP consent tool helps businesses manage their data collection and retention. CMPs can manage the lifecycle of a customer’s consent, from acquiring it, storing it securely, processing it, and using it for marketing purposes.

They also help protect your business by limiting what you can do with the data once you have it. Here is how you can use your CMP to grow your business:

Understand your customers

Identify them and their preferences, so you can better market to them. The more granular your understanding of each customer, the better equipped you will be to provide them with relevant products and services.

Retain customers

Keep them engaged with regular communications through email campaigns, newsletters, and more which they would have opted into receiving from you. This will help retain them as customers by keeping them updated on new products or services and ensuring that they don’t forget about your brand altogether.

Grow sales

Use data from your database to send targeted offers to customers based on their previous purchases or browsing history (if allowed). You can also tailor these offers based on other profile details such as age group and gender, which will allow delivering exactly what they want, helping you grow your sales.

Strategies for a consent management platform

The CMP is an important tool for marketers to ensure that their messages are relevant and timely. As the CMP gets smarter, it will become a crucial component of your marketing strategy. The strategies below can help you take advantage of the power of a CMP:

Collecting consent using a CMP.

You can use CMP cookie consent to collect consent from individuals before sending them marketing messages and other communications. This includes collecting consent for email marketing, SMS/text messages, and push notifications.

Using the data collected by your CMP to send personalized messages.

When you collect consent, you can use the data collected from individuals to personalize messages based on their interests or preferences. For example, if someone had given their age when they gave their consent, you could ask them if they want a senior discount at your store or restaurant when they visit one of your locations.

Use better messaging

One of the best ways to gain customer trust is by using better messaging. The best way to do this is by making sure that your message makes sense and does not come across as spammy or aggressive. To increase engagement rates with your audience, you must ensure that the tone of voice in the message matches their preferences.

How much does a CMP cost?

Consent management platform cost varies, and it takes into account your specific needs and budget. The cost of a CMP tool depends on the features you need and how many people need to use the tool.

The cost of a CMP tool also depends on whether you need to integrate it with other systems in your company (for example, if you're already using Salesforce).

Generally, a basic cookie consent solution will start at around US$1 per month per user, while an advanced solution can be as much as US$5 per month per user. It isn't easy to provide a price for cookie consent, as it depends on many factors. Some examples are:

  • The size of your company

  • How many users do you have

  • How many cookies do you want to track and manage

  • The complexity of your cookie consent process (e.g., if you have complex data collection systems)

  • Your cookie compliance time frame

Benefits of CMP

The following are some of the benefits of using CMP consent tools and they include:

Easier customer data management

A CMP allows you to store customer information in one central location. This means you can access it whenever you need it, and there's no need to worry about losing records due to a computer crash or other problems. This also makes it easier to share information with other staff members; they do not need to spend time searching through emails or other documents when they can use the CMP- tool instead.

Increased efficiency

CMPs are highly effective at streamlining your marketing processes and helping you grow faster. This is because they allow you to focus on your customers. They also allow you to automate repetitive tasks so that you can spend more time focusing on high-value activities like creating new campaigns or improving existing ones.

Lower costs

A huge benefit of using CMPs is their low cost compared to full-time employees. Even if you're starting with a small budget, you can still afford to hire an experienced agency or consultant who can help grow your business by leveraging their expertise and experience.

Improved compliance with regulations

Using a CMP will ensure that your company is compliant with relevant regulations

This helps ensure that your company does not suffer significant financial damage due to non-compliance with regulations. For example, if a customer files a complaint about how your company has used their data, this could lead to an investigation by the ICO or other regulators.

Using an appropriate CMP will help ensure that your company complies with all relevant regulations and reduces the risk of such complaints being filed against it by customers or other third parties affected by any breaches of these regulations.

Better quality assurance

CMPs provide a more reliable way to test the quality of your content. Multiple people or teams often produce content, and it can sometimes be hard to ensure that all content is up to standard. A CMP allows you to see exactly what is happening with your content in real-time and allows you to make changes if needed.


In conclusion, a consent management platform is not just for large companies. Even small businesses can benefit from this technology, which tracks and organizes user data for optimal marketing efforts.

CMPs are going to play a crucial role in online marketing for businesses. As this platform becomes more prevalent, it is important that your business has the right one in place to maximize its potential.

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