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Automate Brazil’s LGPD Compliance for your Business

Accelerate compliance and adhere to privacy obligations of Brazil’s LGPD governing personal data of over 200M+ Brazilian consumers. From valid consent collection to timely subject request automation, Adzapier is here to help.


Easily Implement LGPD Requirements

Brazil’s LGPD is a dynamic privacy law modeled closely after European Union’s GDPR- applying to any business collecting and processing personally identified information (PII) of Brazilians 

Applies to most Businesses 

Unlike privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA, the LGPD is applicable to all businesses, regardless of size or revenue, that have data on Brazilian citizens. Get full-scale compliance automation as per your business needs. 

LGPD Enforcements 

Brazil’s Data Protection Authority (The ANPD) fines up to 2% of total revenue or maximum BRL 50,000,000 (up to $1 million) per violation with No Cure Period. Meet end-to-end compliance obligations with automated consent .

Map Consumer Data 

Like GDPR, Brazil’s LGPD requires organizations to systematically collect, process and record user consent throughout their consumer journey for privacy audits and give data subjects more control over their personal data.

Enforce opt-out and mitigate compliance errors.

Enforcing customer opt-out requests across platforms dignifies a business’s privacy-first mindset. Consolidate your privacy and opt-out enforcement vision within the organization and across third-party integrations for comprehensive consent management.

Adzapier supports individual data privacy rights & allow seamless integration for identifying and enforcing user preferences.

Simplify LGPD Compliance with Adzapier’s Privacy-First Solutions 

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Consent Management and Data Subject Rights 

Adzapier’s Consent Management Platform unifies data collection consent, simplifies privacy operations and streamlines data management mandatory under LGDP’s Article 5,6,18. 

Data Automation and Mapping Services 

Reduce manual and tech-intensive strains that require high technical expertise with end-to-end automation that discovers and classifies structured and unstructured data on cloud or in-premises. Track data to identify data flow across organization and handle data mapping with ease. 

 _Data mapping_edited.png
 _DSAR fulfillment_edited.png

Automate Consent Tracking, Reporting, and Management 

No matter how careful and competent you and your organization may be, you can never fully discount the possibility of encountering operational and data security mishaps. A streamlined, and effective system that automates tracking, reporting, and management of any incidents in addition to laying out viable responses for you to implement.  

Effective Data Privacy Compliance 

Enhance Consumer engagement and build relationship with trust with Compliance automation that secures personal data and handles processing responsibly and legally. Streamline bulk importation, real-time tracking, and consent gathering which is inline Privacy compliance and social expectations of society. 

 _DSAR automation_edited.png

Grow and Thrive with Privacy-by-Design  

We, at Adzapier, understand that every business is unique. And that's why we provide customizable compliance that simplifies privacy operations for every business requirement, so you pay what you need.   

Great support from a privacy point of view

The setup and implementation of our new cookie consent banner was really easy, with little to no help from content writers and developers needed. I like that the product takes care of the ever-changing global laws in this space.

Data Privacy strategy and data governance

My days of digging through emails, PDFs, and Word docs to find what I need are now over. This platform is so easy to use and has helped me save hours of my time every week. I will never go back to the old way of managing consent again!

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