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Effortlessly Achieve GDPR Compliance  

Your solution to the toughest privacy law. Keep the record of the consent by enabling an opt-in consent model.  Reduce the complexity of GDPR compliance with our one-stop-solutions, providing businesses a practical roadmap to overcome obstacles in implementing GDPR compliance.

GDPR Compliance. We’ve Got you Covered 

Designed for the present and future, with privacy amendments getting stringent as the day passes, we’re ensuring that you don’t skip any amend.  

Automated Data Discovery  

Step away from manual processes and automate an end-to-end data discovery solution. Identify, process, collect, and respond to your users’ privacy requests within minutes.

Automated Cookie Blocking  

Enable Auto-Cookie Blocking for EU cookie law compliance until users’ give consent. Collect, centralize, govern, and sync consent preferences, and first-party data while keeping trust and transparency at the forefront of all consumer interactions. 

Session Recording  

Record and retain the session when your website visitors give their consent. Keep  proof of consent and stay away from any false visitor claims that you violated their privacy by calling or texting them for any commercial or marketing purposes.  

Enforce opt-out and mitigate compliance errors.

Enforcing customer opt-out requests across platforms dignifies a business’s privacy-first mindset. Consolidate your privacy and opt-out enforcement vision within the organization and across third-party integrations for comprehensive consent management.

Adzapier supports individual data privacy rights & allow seamless integration for identifying and enforcing user preferences.

Engineered for Effective Privacy Management and Upholding Consumer Trust. 


One Place to Manage All of Your GDPR Needs 

Get up to speed with a simple walkthrough and create a plan that will make your organization GDPR compliant by design. Even though GDPR was made to regulate the collection, storage, and processing of user data involving E.U. members, anyone who uses any online services that involves storing or requesting such information is potentially affected by its rules – not just by Europeans but users worldwide! 

Take Control of Data Subject Access Requests

Know where all data requests are in the process, how many data requests are inbound, what is triggering the requests, manage the tasks and coordinate with given timeline. Simplify the process of extracting insights by automating and accelerating the collection, curation, analysis, and standardization of data. 

 _DSAR fulfillment_edited.png
consent preference-02_edited.png

Capture, Process,  

And Enforce Consent 

Across Your TechStack  

Our consent and preference management platforms enable companies to collect, centralize, govern, and sync consent, preferences, and first-party data while keeping trust and transparency at the forefront of all consumer interactions. 

Build Your Own Privacy Compliance Framework  

We at Adzapier understand that every business is unique. And that's why we provide customizable compliance that simplifies privacy operations for every business requirement, so you pay what you need.   

Great support from a privacy point of view

The setup and implementation of our new cookie consent banner was really easy, with little to no help from content writers and developers needed. I like that the product takes care of the ever-changing global laws in this space.

Data Privacy strategy and data governance

My days of digging through emails, PDFs, and Word docs to find what I need are now over. This platform is so easy to use and has helped me save hours of my time every week. I will never go back to the old way of managing consent again!

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