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TCPA Compliance with Ease

The TCPA is a federal law enacted in 1991 to protect consumers from unwanted telemarketing communications (via voice calls, SMS texts, and faxes) and other unsolicited calls. With Adzapier, your customers can choose how you communicate with them,  positively impacting your customer satisfaction and retention rates.    

What should businesses know about the TCPA? 

Written Consent

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) requires written consent for text messages, auto-dialed calls, and pre-recorded calls to wireless numbers. Businesses must also obtain written consent for pre-recorded calls to residential landline numbers. 

Do Not Call Lists (DNC)

The TCPA established a national DNC registry, which allows individuals to opt out of receiving telemarketing calls from certain businesses. Companies must not contact individuals registered on the DNC list. Businesses should respect the time limitations set for placing telemarketing calls.  

Customer First Approach

With Adzapier, you can identify and acknowledge your customers’ need for greater control over how and when your business can communicate with them and build long-term customer relationships. 

Business Requirements  under the TCPA

Our Data Compliance service provides full TCPA Compliance. We ensure you are compliant with all Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, as well as the Do Not Call list. We monitor and manage all incoming and outgoing calls to make sure your business is in full compliance with the latest TCPA regulations.

Simplify TCPA Privacy Obligations with Adzapier’s Consent Preference Management 

Consent-Driven Marketing  

With Adzapier, collect user consent for collecting and processing consumer data and for telemarketing or other forms of marketing messaging. Collect and maintain a record of user consent and ensure customer satisfaction with a consent certificate. Adzapier’s tools and services assure customer data collection and meet regulatory requirements. 

Privacy Enabled Workflows 

Enable collecting consent for your business’s communication with customers through Privacy Workflows and manage them from an easy-to-use dashboard. Adzapier provides a centralized Consent Management Platform to manage your customer data effectively. Create an open and secure platform to share customer data among your sales and marketing tools and services. 

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Cross-platform Consent enforcement 

Give consumers real-time consent and privacy choices and let them decide how your business communicates. Integrate an open network that connects devices and services to enforce user consent across your company and third-party data processors. Adzapier’s API bridges the information your business collects and third-party collaborations for simplified cross-platform consent enforcement. 

Make Privacy a Promise to your Customers. 

Manage user consent and preferences with Adzapier and acknowledge the data privacy choices of your customers from a centralized privacy center. Uphold the consumer rights of restricting or limiting a business’s interaction with the customers and their data and implement a robust strategy for user consent management.  

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Grow and Thrive with Privacy-by-Design  

We, at Adzapier, understand that every business is unique. And that's why we provide customizable compliance that simplifies privacy operations for every business requirement, so you pay what you need.   

Great support from a privacy point of view

The setup and implementation of our new cookie consent banner was really easy, with little to no help from content writers and developers needed. I like that the product takes care of the ever-changing global laws in this space.

Data Privacy strategy and data governance

My days of digging through emails, PDFs, and Word docs to find what I need are now over. This platform is so easy to use and has helped me save hours of my time every week. I will never go back to the old way of managing consent again!

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