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New West Virginia Law, Fresh GDPR Fines, Potential Impact on CISO roles, and more!

Updated: May 9, 2023

New West Virginia Law, Fresh GDPR Fines

A flurry of new data privacy initiatives has set 2023 apart from past years and hasn’t slowed down yet. Experts say it’s only going to speed up, like a snowball rolling down a hill. Laws are getting bigger, moving faster, and creating an enormous impact.

  • More states in the US are jumping on board the privacy train.

  • Children’s data remains a high priority for lawmakers.

  • The GDPR is coming down hard on data privacy violations.

  • Roles and responsibilities have seen significant disruptions in the business world.

  • Marketers scramble to keep up with privacy laws and craft new strategies and solutions.

  • Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their rights regarding data privacy and how to exercise them.

  • New data privacy predictions are being made.

Whew! That’s a lot. Let’s go through them one by one with the best articles we’ve found hot off the presses.

What’s new this week, GDPR Fines, Cisco Role?

  • West Virginia is the latest state to jump on board with expanded data privacy laws regarding children. COPPA+ pertains to children 18 and under – which is quite the diversion from current laws that apply to children 16 and under or 13 and under. The new bill has a set of requirements that include verified parental consent, deletion of exemptions, and the prohibition of conditional participation that requires more personal data than is necessary to use products or services.

  • The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has already issued $1B+ in fines in 2023. Nope, you read that correctly. Those fines are just for 2023 – and we’re only three weeks into the year. While this article highlights big corporations like Meta, you can be sure that small to medium-sized businesses are also under extra scrutiny.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is on the rise – and so are the fines associated with data privacy violations within that sphere. CSO reports that lawmakers are growing more confident and turning their focus on AI due to its prevalence and the risks associated with its use.

  • In other news about AI, an artist found susceptible medical photos that had been scraped for AI research use. Not only is this troubling personally, it also highlights the risks businesses take when digitally processing sensitive, personally identifiable information. There is not a resolution to this case yet, but you can be sure that lawmakers are watching carefully.

  • CISO roles in companies around the world are changing. This year, the Federal Communications Commission stipulated that every publicly traded company must have a CISO on the company’s board. While the roles were quickly filled, it became immediately apparent that many of the individuals chosen were not suited to the job due to a lack of understanding of what it entailed. This has led to a lot of restructuring, learning, and rectification on the part of businesses.

  • New data privacy predictions are already being made – and they’re wild! Experts say to be prepared for the metaverse, localized data protection rules, Digital ID, and privacy insurance. For states, countries, and regions that do not allow for a private right of action, privacy insurance is a great way to get a professional to help recoup individual losses from breaches or leaks through the Attorney General. Businesses, beware.

  • Marketers have a lot to consider as they develop their strategies to align with new privacy initiatives. In a recent interview between Gary Drenik and Jad Boutros, they cover some key points that marketers should be aware of. This includes setting up guardrails, keeping themselves informed about the law, and building out new ways of marketing that don’t support them in constant talks with the legal team, security officers, and lawmakers.

  • Last but not least, the enactment of the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) has officially been delayed until July 1, 2023. While it has already been signed into law, it will be enforceable in July. However, that doesn’t mean your business doesn’t have to comply. Now is the time if you haven’t started your CPRA compliance journey.

So much to do and so little time.

Keeping up with existing, new, and emerging privacy laws can be challenging. That’s where a Consent Management Platform (CMP) comes in handy. Not only will it give your organization the transparency and information you need to make intelligent, lawful decisions regarding data, but it can also help you stay one step ahead of lawmakers. Getting your company globally compliant with data privacy laws doesn’t have to be a headache with the right solution.

Adzapier’s CMP comes with 14 days of stress-free compliance on us. Schedule a demo with one of our privacy experts, and they’ll get you up and running within 30 minutes. It’s never too late to get started!

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