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Google Certified Consent Management Platform

Google Certified Consent Management Platform

It's our honor to announce that Adzapier is now officially a Google-certified CMP partner.

This will give a significant boost to our publishers and marketers running advertising campaigns in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom (The UK)

As a Google-certified CMP partner, Adzapier's Consent Management Platform seamlessly integrates with Google consent mode.

It makes website owners work hassle-free to collect and manage consent without compromising data privacy compliance with GDPR CCPA/CPRA, VCDPA, PIPEDA, and other Global privacy laws and builds long-lasting consumer trust.

We are one of the few CMP partners certified by Google, and we are so grateful to be recognized as one of the Best Privacy-by-Design solutions that bring value to all. Google Services that optimize and support Consent mode

  • Google ads

  • Google Analytics

  • Google tag manager

  • Gtag

  • Conversion linker

  • Floodlight

Why Google certified CMP partner

Google has integrated its Ad system with IAB Europe's Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) since 2020.

But now that Europe has launched IAB TCF V2.2, Google will require publishers to use Consent Management Platforms that are Google-certified CMP to use its advertising products, such as (Google AdSense Ad Manager or AdMob) while serving ads to European Economic Areas or the UK.

Google partnered with the Consent Management Platform, or CMP, to ensure that the Publishers efficiently run advertisement campaigns and have seamless integration on the website and other technical operations for hassle-free work.

"Google has always advocated for industry standards as they support consistent experiences. By supporting the TCF, we aim to promote a unified and reliable approach for users and publishers across the broader ecosystem."

- Peentoo Patel, Director, Product Management, Google Ad Manager (Source: Google blog)

Google-certified CMP is a Consent Management Platform providing additional specifications that ad tech providers can enjoy.

Adzapier's Google-certified Consent Management Platform

For Adzapier's existing customers, no action is needed.

But suppose you are a marketer or an advertiser and still need to implement a consent management platform. In that case, Adzapier's Google-certified CMP can scale your business operations while taking full advantage of data privacy law compliance.

Why Adzapier's consent management platform

  • Full compliance with Google consent mode as a part of the Google CMP partner program

  • Global privacy regulation coverage (GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, VCDPA, LGPD, PIPEDA, and more)

  • Continuous customer support.

  • Customizable cookie banners for excellent user experience

We are so excited to announce that our CMP has received Google certification and will continue enhancing our partnership with Google and publishers.

Book a brief conversation with one of our specialists if you have any queries or concerns.

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