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Global Consumer Consent & Data Made Simple

Updated: May 23, 2023

Global Consumer Consent & Data Made Simple

Consent management is a pain point for agencies and organizations of all sizes. It is a struggle between the need to collect consent and the inability to control that consent once it's been collected. How do you balance that need for consent with the ability to keep that consented data safe and secure?

Consent collection and management is critical in this digital age. Data Privacy Laws are changing the rules around how data is collected, stored, and managed.

This creates new challenges for companies that collect website audience and consumer data. Consent Management Platforms are being deployed by companies to enable them to gain GDPR and other Data Privacy Laws compliant.

However, some companies are struggling to collect clearly defined consent and some companies struggle with how to properly manage this data.

This blog will focus on the differences between open source and commercial Consent Management Platforms (CMP) and the benefits of open-source solutions.

Consent Management Platforms (CMP) are helping organizations meet the Data Privacy challenges by providing an easy-to-use tool to collect and manage first-party data and comply with all the latest industry guidelines now and as compliance regulations expand in additional countries, as well as the US.

Goodbye, 3rd Party Cookies. Hello Privacy Laws.

In today’s world of online privacy, it is crucial for brands to add consent management to the top of their marketing and advertising strategy. 3rd party cookies are depreciating in many places, and privacy regulations such as (CCPA, CPRA, CoPA, VaCDPA) are about to become a lot stricter.

Even though several effective techniques can be used to collect consent from customers, one should not overlook preferred methods.

As both consumers and companies alike demand a higher level of transparency when it comes to data sharing, you must manage consent on your websites while ensuring compliance with 1st parties such as vendors, backend APIs, website forms, and services.

Remember – first take care of yourself, before you can take care of others - keep track of the risks involved in this process so you know how to mitigate them, or what precautions you need to take for liabilities not to go haywire!

Consent Management Platform: A Global Consent Tool Made Simple.

Simplifying consent management for our clients has been our inspiration and motivation since day one - helping companies around the world define how they collect, use, manage, and share consumer data.

By streamlining the processes, we give agencies and businesses a clear record of which type of consent they have on file, as well as save time and money in regards to CCPA compliance by ensuring all information is always up to date and accurate.

Consent Management Platforms are designed for easy setup and to manage cookie consent globally with GDPR, CCP, LGPD, and the IAB TCF 2.0 framework.

Privacy Laws: Do They Apply to Everyone with a Website?

Any organization that is engaged in either tracking analytics, or using their audience's data for any reason, will need to have a privacy policy in place which lets their customers and audience members know what they're doing and why they're doing it.

It's crucial as a business to stay on top of the privacy laws and understand how they work and how your business processes are affected by them. By not understanding or following them properly, you risk financial liability, reputation damage, and even legal action.

Give your users control over their data.

Adzapier Cookie Consent Management and Adzapier Consent Preference Management solutions allow any user to store preferences in a safe and secure location both online and offline. Additionally, when collecting information from the user about what kind of information they would - or wouldn't like to share with your brand.

Users can access their information through a “DSAR” (Data Subject Access Request). This leads the control in the consumers' hands and gives them the right to share their data with the business or allow them to request the removal of information from the organization. Super easy Opt-in and Opt-out across your tech stacks.

As an organization, you must respond to the DSAR request within 30 days and provide all the information asked for by the consumer. Adzapier DSAR Management automates this process, provides form templates, and keeps your timeline on track.

Additionally, when collecting consent in writing and offline, brands must provide a dated copy of each data subject’s consent with their signature and the privacy notice provided at the time of consent.

To Wrap It Up...

We hope you learned helpful tips about how to manage consent, privacy, and terms.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your Data Privacy or how the Adzapier Consent Management Platform can help, please Request a Demo. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts can provide useful information! 

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