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Amazon Smacked with $887 Million GDPR Incompliance Fine

We’ve seen records been broken in Olympics… Right? Now, Amazon has been hit by $887 million of violation of GDPR!

The fine in question was imposed on July 16th and disclosed on Friday in a financial filing.

It is the largest in history, followed by Google's 2019 fine of €50 million

Luxembourg's data protection agency has criticized Amazon over its practices when it comes to the monitoring of consumers' information.

This dispute is just beginning, and we find it fishy that Luxembourg would argue that their laws trump European regulations.

Amazon: - Here's our take on privacy: we're committed to doing all that we can to protect our customers' information. We have policies in place that protect a business from data breaches and violations of our customer's trust.

We need to note, however, that there has been no violation or breach of security whatsoever - it's because of these policies that none have occurred.

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