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Digital Clean Rooms, Indiana’s New Law, Reddit Security Breach & More!

Updated: May 8, 2023

In a departure from the last few weeks, this week has been relatively quiet on the data privacy front. But don’t be fooled! That doesn’t mean the top headlines for this week are any less important. From more information on digital clean rooms and how to use them, to Indiana successfully passing its first bill on consumer data protection, we’ve got a lot to cover.

Data privacy is still top of mind for lawmakers, business owners, and consumers. Despite the rumors that end users aren’t well educated or don’t care about how their personal information is shared online, that simply isn’t true. Adding to this, lawmakers are extra vigilant right now, with new laws passing, bills being proposed, and fines mounting.

It’s more important than ever for businesses to remain conscious about how they collect, process, store, and sell data. Just one fine, one penalty, or one disgruntled customer could spell disaster for small to mid-sized businesses. Companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook – who have already received hefty fines and penalties – have the capital to recoup. However, that is simply not the case for many organizations.

Let’s dive in!

This week’s top headlines…

  • Digital clean rooms are becoming increasingly popular in organizations that want to protect privacy while still allowing employees to collaborate and work on sensitive materials. Google, AWS, and Microsoft have made it possible for small to mid-sized businesses to safely operate a clean room without hiring coders – a major hurdle in the past. In theory, a clean room would carefully screen and anonymize data, making it safe and lawful to share, sell, and process. In truth, we aren’t sure that’s the case. Simply because data is anonymized does not mean it’s really anonymous. It’s up to individual businesses to decide whether the risk of relying on a clean room, and expecting employees to follow best practices, is worth it.

  • Following in California, Virginia, Colorado, Utah, and Connecticut’s footsteps, Indiana is the latest state to successfully pass a data privacy bill through Senate. Third time’s the charm? That’s how many times it has been revised. That’s not a bad thing, though. While Indiana lawmakers are being proactive in protecting consumer data, they’re also being thoughtful about the way it’s done. This will likely give the bill a higher chance of success in the future. It’s better to troubleshoot now, rather than later.

  • Oh, Reddit. Where do we start? Although Reddit has had its fair share of breaches over the years, this one seems particularly bad given the current data privacy landscape and the implications that come along with such a serious offense. To Reddit’s credit, they disclosed it quickly and are taking action to repair the damage. This is a cautionary tale – the report says that the breach came about via a single employee’s credentials. To shake an Internet giant with just one slip-up is a huge deal. Imagine if that happened to a small business? Well, it can, and it does. Don’t ever underestimate the power of educating your employees on data privacy, security, and safety.

  • The EU Data Act is making waves. Now final, it will complement the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) in protecting the data of EU citizens. However, journalists note that the law is being enacted in a wide variety of ways. Ireland seems to be a bit more lenient, while France is bringing down the hammer. Will the new data act solve their problems – or magnify them?

  • Next, VentureBeat is reporting that data privacy protection laws aren’t enough to safeguard consumer data. In a way, that’s totally fair. Consumers have a responsibility to take care of their own data, too. But let’s not minimize the importance of data privacy laws. We’ve come so far, and reporting like this feels like a step back. Data protection and privacy laws have brought a multitude of issues to light, have educated the public, and made business owners responsible for the way they handle data. There’s no going back now.


As we’ve said before, data privacy laws aren’t going anywhere. They’re only going to get stricter and come with more penalties and fines. Is your business prepared?

Big companies make the headlines for their massive fines, but what we’re more interested in is the impact these new laws are having on small to mid-sized businesses. Has your company been affected? If you get an audit request today, are you prepared to fulfill it?

Adzapier solutions can help point you in the right direction. From the basics like cookie consent banners and Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) management, to expert advice from our privacy professionals, we can get you started on your journey in no time at all.

Okay, it takes about 30 minutes. But, hey – peace of mind is worth it! Schedule a demo today to get started.

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