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Consent Management Platform: Building Profitable Business in 2023

Updated: May 8, 2023

Cookies are a big part of the internet. They help businesses to know how a user engages with their content on the website and helps marketer and advertisers to devise a strategy for conversion. But due to privacy laws, cookies can't be loaded onto the user's browser without their due consent. That's why you need a consent management platform (CMP).

A CMP is a specialized software or system that allows website visitors to see and consent to specific cookies when they arrive on your site. With so much of your business being run online, it's essential to understand how CMPs work and why they're important for growing your business.

What Is a Consent Management Platform?

A consent management platform is an online tool that allows you to create and manage your company's privacy policies and terms of service agreements and collect user consent in a single place.

This technology solution helps companies manage personal information collection, storage, and use. CMP cookie consent is designed to make it easier for businesses to collect consent from their customers, which is required under GDPR for any company that wants to process personal data.

To comply with GDPR, the Data Controller must ensure that they have consented to the Data Subject before collecting and processing their Personal Information or PI. A CMP consent tool helps businesses comply with this requirement by providing a single place to store all their customer and prospect records and ensure that they have obtained valid consent from each individual before processing any personal data.

How To Use a Consent Management Platform?

A CMP Consent Tool manages businesses' data collection and retention process, further facilitating smoother business operations. CMPs can manage the lifecycle of a customer's consent, from acquiring it, storing it securely, processing it, and using it for marketing purposes.

It safeguards your business by limiting the over usage of data that can land you in trouble. Want to know how you grow your business 10X with CMP? Let me show you how.

Understand your customers

Knowing their preference is the best way to market or advertise to your customers. Understand what they do on your website, how they engage with your content, and which products do they click on more often and spend most of their time do they click on more often and spend most of their time on.

Retain customers

Retaining your customer is crucial. You must know what content they like and when you should send it to them, and the channel you must use for content distribution. Keep them updated with your new products and services and offer them discounts on upcoming categories. This will ensure that your customers remember you in the noisy world.

The best way to do this is by asking for their preference. Some people like to get in touch with their favorite brands on WhatsApp; some like to receive weekly newsletters through email; others may want you to connect with them through videos or public events. Whatever the way, make sure you don't let them go.

Grow sales

CMP helps you to collect data that gives insight into the user's psyche. These data points allow you to craft messages in a way that helps to convert users into your customers. That's why data is so valuable. When you know what people want and give it to them, they cannot help but buy it from you. Understanding that consumers provide their personal data to you is crucial because they have faith in you. And any business that loses trust cannot build a profitable business in the long haul.

Strategies for a consent management platform

CMP helps marketers and advertisers ensure that their content is relevant and accurate to the user. As the CMP gets more innovative, it will become a crucial component of your marketing strategy. Let me share some strategies that will help you to take full advantage of CMP:

Collecting consent using a CMP

Cookie Consent helps you quickly request the user to collect and process personal data, allowing marketers to devise a strategy to convert users into customers. Consent also includes Email marketing, SMS/Text messages, and push notifications.

Personalized your message according to your customer

When a user consents to use cookies on their browser, these cookies help collect big data that allows marketers and advertisers to remarket particular products and services that the user engages with on the website. A tracking cookie lets you determine which content the user engaged with most. It also tells you which product page the user spent most of their time on. All these insights help you strategize your marketing plan and execute it effectively.

Use better messaging

Your customers like it when you send them personalized messages. Make sure your message is meaningful and transparent and isn't spammy and pushy. Also, could you shape your tone of voice according to your buyer persona? There's nothing like building content that your audience loves.

How much does a CMP cost?

The Advance solution of a CMP version can cost you as much as US$5 per month per user. The price for Cookie Consent depends upon the features and many factors. Some examples are:

  • The size of your company

  • How many users do you have

  • How do you want to track and manage cookies

  • How complex is your cookie consent process (I.e., the complexity of your data collection system)

  • Your cookie compliance time frame

Benefits of CMP

Easier customer data management

A central place to store all of your users' data. You can access the users' data whenever you need it. And there is no problem of losing the records. For DSARs, CMP stores consent records in a log, helping you prove your privacy compliance if necessary. This makes it easier for your staff as they don't need to manually search for the user data, as all is managed single-handedly by CMP. This helps you save time and resources, which can be used for business growth.

Increased efficiency

CMP will help you to simplify all your marketing processes. It streamlines business operations, making them highly effective and efficient. Besides that, CMP reduces the task's repetitiveness and helps you focus on high-value activities like new marketing campaigns or improve existing ones.

Lower costs

Low operating cost is one of the most significant advantages of CMP, making it a favorite among business owners and marketers too. Even if you're starting with a small budget, you can still afford to hire an experienced agency or consultant who can help grow your business by leveraging their expertise and experience.

Improved compliance with regulations

CMP minimizes the legal risk of a business by updating it and making it compliant with international privacy laws. This ensures that your business's reputation is intact and you don't suffer significant financial damage. A brand that people can trust is the way to trade in 2023 and beyond.

Better quality assurance

CMPs provide a more reliable way to test the quality of your content. What can be a better way to test whether your content works? CMP gives you a real-time analysis of how the user engages with your content and helps you to make optimum changes saving you a ton of time.


In conclusion, a consent management platform is for more than just large companies. Startups and small-medium size businesses can benefit immensely from CMP. This helps them to collect data with consent which builds trust in the long run. Also, when further processed, that data provides critical insights into users' behavior, helping you devise an unbeatable marketing strategy.

CMPs are going to play a crucial role in online marketing for businesses. As this platform becomes more prevalent, your business must have the right one in place to maximize its potential.

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