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Partnership Programs With Adzapier

Want to increase the value of your products or services? How about increasing online engagement and acquisition for you and your customers company websites? Offer your referrals the ability to stay privacy compliant with Adzapier. Explore our Partnership & Affiliate Programs to find the one that’s right for you. Now let’s grow bigger together!

Affiliate Partnership Program

  • Recurring Monthly Payouts – up to 30%.

  • No additional commitments, just send your referrals our way!

For bloggers, review sites, and other content creators who want to monetize their content and help businesses around the world protect their online user’s privacy, while staying in compliance. If you want a simple side hustle, this is it!

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Platform Partnership Program

  • Receive wholesale rates.

  • A chance to qualify for our Preferred Partner Program.

Our Platform Partnership Program helps consultants, agencies, and service providers that work one-on-one with clients to help them implement new systems and grow their businesses. At Adzapier, we’ll work with you to provide the best products to your customers and grow your business at the same time. We offer wholesale rates and a chance to qualify for our Preferred Partner Program.  



For us, Data Privacy is a fundamental human right. And we create trustworthy brands that respect consumer privacy.

Dharmesh Patel

  • LinkedIn

Founder & CEO


Kashyap Vyas

  • LinkedIn

Founder & COO


Lauren Leary

  • LinkedIn

Marketing Manager


We strive to build trust in a digital world where data breaches and privacy concerns are becoming increasingly prevalent. 


Our mission is to educate and empower individuals and organizations to take control of their personal and sensitive information, ensuring privacy and security. Our innovative solutions, combined with a commitment to transparency and ethical business practices, set us apart in the data privacy industry. 

Core Values 

Privacy: Protecting the personal information and privacy of our customers is at the heart of everything we do. 

Security: Ensuring the security of our customers' data through cutting-edge technology and best practices is a top priority. 

Trust: Building trust with our customers through transparency, honesty, and ethical business practices is essential to our success. 

Innovation: Continuously researching and developing new solutions to meet the evolving needs of the privacy and security landscape.

Responsibility: Taking responsibility for our actions and being accountable for our commitment to privacy, security, and ethical business practices. 

Collaboration: Working closely with customers, partners, and other stakeholders to find the best solutions for protecting privacy and security. 

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