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5 Key Things to Expect from the New Texas Privacy Bill

5 Key Things to Expect from the New Texas Privacy Bill

On May 10, 2023, a momentous event occurred in Texas as the Texas Legislation passed the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act (HB4) and forwarded it to Texas Greg Abbot for the final signature. The State is setting new standards and requirements for businesses and individuals.

With the bill now awaiting the governor’s signatures, it is crucial to delve into the broader implications and protentional impact of the act on the landscape of data privacy in Texas.

We curated the top 5 things businesses can expect after coming into full implications, and how privacy by design is becoming more necessary than ever to adapt and imply.

Enhanced Protection for Personal Data

The Texas Data Privacy and Security Act introduces robust measures to safeguard personal data. It establishes clear guidelines for the collection, storage, and disclosure of personal information, ensuring that individuals have greater control over their data.

The act emphasizes the importance of consent and requires businesses to adopt adequate security measures to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or breaches.

Broad Applicability to Businesses

The Texas Privacy bill applies to a wide range of entities operating in the state. This includes not only corporations and businesses, but also partnerships, associations, and governmental bodies.

The legislation aims to create a level playing field by ensuring that all organizations adhere to the same data privacy standards regardless of size or sector.

Strengthened Data Breach Notification Requirements

One significant aspect of the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act is its emphasis on data breach notifications.

Businesses are now required to promptly notify affected individuals in the event of a data breach that compromises personal data.

This provision aims to enhance transparency and empower individuals to take appropriate actions to protect themselves from potential harm resulting from data breaches.

Consumer Privacy Bills Rights and Control

The new Texas privacy bill places a strong emphasis on granting individuals greater control over their personal data. It grants consumers the right to access, correct, and delete their personal information held by businesses.

This provision empowers individuals to make informed decisions regarding the use and storage of their data, promoting transparency and accountability.


Impact on Businesses The Texas Data Privacy and Security Act presents both challenges and opportunities for businesses.

On the one hand, compliance with the new regulations may require organizations to implement robust data protection measures and update their privacy policies.

On the other hand, businesses that prioritize data privacy and security can build trust with consumers, differentiate themselves from competitors, and enhance their reputation in the market.


The passage of the Texas Data Privacy and Security Act signifies a significant step toward strengthening data privacy and security in the state.

By understanding the key takeaways from this new legislation, businesses, and individuals can navigate the evolving landscape of data privacy with greater confidence.

Adapting to these changes not only ensures compliance with the law but also fosters a culture of trust and transparency in handling personal data, benefiting both businesses and consumers alike.

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